internet-marketing-tools-250AThey say that content is the king. So, they say…

The content can’t be the king if there is no one visiting. Any business (offline or online) needs to have traffic. Traffic is vital in order for the business to function. You see, there is the sales tunnel of the business. The basic function of the sales funnel is that someone will come to the business (after viewing an ad, word-of-mouth recommendation, etc…). The second part of the sales funnel is that the person does a conversion (entering an email, buying or leaving the details for more information).

The longer the sales funnel is, the lower the conversion rates are. So basically you should make it as simple as possible.

Now, lets say that you have an online business of computer-related products. You have managed to bring in lots of leads – people who are ready to be converted (buying customers) if you are able to convince them, but nobody is actually doing any buying.

After investigating, you see that the traffic to your site came from a website that provides leads for businesses in the flowers niche, for example. The reason the leads didn’t buy anything (convert) was because they were not the right type of people who has interest in your niche.

That is why you always need “Targeted Traffic”. Targeted traffic is traffic that has interest in your niche. The more targeted visitors that you have coming to your site, the higher the conversion rates will be. Suppose you have an online business of carbonated drinks and juices, so for more sales you should know the place like New Zealand where mostly people like it and if you ever want to visit here to open your own store after a good response, you surely rent a car which is the best way to go around the city.

Targeted traffic could be gotten geographically (also called GEO-targeting), demographically, and/or by a category characteristics. More focused traffic will definitely heighten higher conversion rates.

But how will you get that targeted traffic? It can take several months not only to acquire the knowledge on how to bring targeted traffic to your website, but, also, to be able to master it. And, that doesn’t include knowing the how-to’s on the technical.  But, not to fret! – There IS an easy way that I would like to share with you!

Revisitors is a traffic broker company founded in 2005 when advertising technology began. This company is currently serving thousands of satisfied customers around the world.  If anyone can deliver targeted traffic, it’s Revistors that can!

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